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Creating an Experience

This is the thing that people will buy. What is the experience you are offering? Is it a tasting, a tour, something else? This is a chance to put in as much detail as possible along with the availability. 

Creating a new experience

On the left panel, click on "Experiences" to open the panel below.

Screenshot of the Tastely dashboard with the experiences tab selected
This is the create experience screen on the Tastely platform

Click on "New Experience" to go into the editor

Featured Items

Put in the name of your experience here. It will be fairly obvious to the customer what the category is (IE. Tour or Tasting) so consider being creative with your title to give some hints on what to expect. For example "Summer Tasting Under the Stars" - ok perhaps a bad example but you get the idea. 


Select the type of business you are in. Don't see what you need? Give us a shout. 


There are many factors that come into setting a price. Remember that $1.50 comes off each person along with a 1% fee for Stripe's payment system. From time to time, Tastely may run promotions from 5-10% off to entice new groups of people to the network. Other than that, you can charge whatever you want. 

Price Per Person

This is to limit surprises and keep disruption to a minimum. Set a minimum and maximum amount of people you want to come to your experience here. 

Minimum Maximum # of guests

This is set in minutes. It will set expectations for your customer and give you something to schedule on your end. The average time we see is 30-45mins. 


This is set in hours. Need to know if people are coming in advance? Having longer lead times can help with scheduling staff or preparing the venue. 

Booking Lead Time

Here is where you upload your hero image that depicts the experience. Ideally this image ratio is landscape - meaning wide and short. If you are able, setting the dimensions to 760px by 480px will give you optimal results. Compressed jpegs will work best in this format as they will keep the file size down while retaining the greatest amount of definition. There are plenty of free image editing tools out there like that you can use to make simple crops, reduce sizes and make specific ratios. 

Featured Image

Also known as an ALT tag, image descriptions are important for accessibility and being found on search engines. People who have difficulty seeing your image can still get a sense of what is being shown. The best advice for writing your image description is to describe it to someone who is blind. IE "A man pouring a pint of beer in a moody taproom." For more tips on writing a great image description, click here.

Image Description

Finally this is your story. What is the experience promise? What makes it so special? Talk about who you'll meet, the things you'll taste, the friends you'll make, etc. One to two paragraphs is ideal. 


Still have questions?

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