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How to Host a memorable Tastely Experience

Think of each Tastely experience as a job interview or a first date - you want to be prepared and you want to bring your 'A' game! Just like every AirBnB location is unique yet meets a standard of quality - the same goes for Tastely experiences. Your business is unique - and you'll want to highlight all the amazing things about it - but the quality of the experience needs to be consistent. Below are our guidelines and responsibilities we require vendors to follow. Please ensure that anyone hosting a Tastely experience is knowledgeable about your business and has reviewed the 'How to Host A Tastely Experience' document and video prior to guest arrival.

What is your establishment responsible for providing?

For each Tastely experience, your team will provide:

  • A reserved table for the number of guests that have booked the experience with a “Reserved for a Tastely Experience” sign displayed on the table (signs and other tools are available at

  • Sample of whatever food or beverage your business is showcasing.

  • Tastely Experience Standards - Each experience should be a minimum of 20 minutes. Your ambassador should be engaging and welcoming. They should smile, introduce themselves, and greet guests by name when possible. They are on stage and representing your brand - a great Ambassador presentation can create a ‘customers-for-life’ experience! Preparation is key - please use the below guidelines for your presentations and write them out.

Details you can include in your presentation (but feel free to add others):

  • History of the Business - When was it founded, who founded it, how did it get its name, funny things that have happened, unique things that make it special, how they decided on their logo, who owns it now if different from founders, etc.

  • List of Your Food / Beverage Line Up - How you choose what food or beverage to make / serve, how you decide on the names, how you create the packaging, any unique stories about how the food or beverage came to be, etc. Detail is key!

  • For the Tasting - You should be able to share the flavour notes to look for in each sample, what foods or beverage pairs well with it, where you source your ingredients, anything special you do during the creation process, how you decide on your seasonals, etc.

  • Future Plans - Anything interesting you have coming up, where your products are available, where you see the business in the future etc.

If guests have selected a Tasting Experience + Tour, your team will also provide a full Tastely Experience as detailed above, as well as:

  • A guided tour of your facility where the products are produced.

  • Why you chose to open where you did.

  • Where did you source your equipment.

  • How long did it take to build.

  • Any interesting challenges or stories from the building process.

  • Anything unique about your set-up that impacts what you make.

  • How long it takes to make different products.

  • Details about the creation process.

  • Collaborations you have done and how different processes can impact the taste.

  • How you have grown and how you plan to grow in the future.

  • Each venue is unique so the tours will vary – the timeline for the tour will be based on your guide’s discretion!

Ready to sign up? Be sure to visit to get onto the Tastely network. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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