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Tastely Experience Examples

Your Ultimate Craft Tasting Experience

Tastely’s #1 goal is to drive traffic into your establishment so you can increase business and share what makes you special. Question - how do you do that without adding to your already busy schedule? We’ve got you covered by putting together some ideas showing how you can host an incredible branding experience based on activations you are already doing within your establishment. 


Tasting the Beers

Put together a sample of the food/beverage that showcases the best you have to offer - walk the customers through one bite/sip at a time. At the end, provide them with a full beverage/serving of one of the offerings.

  • Approximate Length - 15 to 20 minutes

  • Suggested Cost Range - $15 - $35 (depending on portion size, food/beverage cost to you, etc.)



Tasting & Activity

This could incorporate the tasting aspect from Idea #1, with the added feature of games or other activities you are already hosting in your venue. Do you have board games, video games, darts, corn-hole, bowling, offer tours of the facility, etc.

  • Approximate Length - 15 to 20 minutes (plus the time the activity takes)

  • Suggested Cost Range - $15 - $25+ (depending on whether there is a cost usually associated with the activity.)



Next Level Tasting & Pairing

If you have both food and beverage options, perhaps you can put together a set menu that would pair a variety of your beverage options with your food options. This could be as simple as a sample beverage and small sharing plate/appetizer, or it could be several sample beverages - each with a well paired food that compliments the flavour profiles of both.

  • Approximate Length - 15 to 25 minutes+ (depending on how many ‘courses’ you offer)

  • Suggested Cost Range - $25 to $80+ (again, depending on the complexity of your offering)



A Maker's Class

This would be a more immersive experience that would allow customers to be ‘hands-on’. The mechanics of this type of experience would range depending on how you activate - but could include a demonstration of how you ‘create’ the food / beverage you do, the chance for the people in the class to take part (pull, cut, smoosh, etc.), or could even be a chance to take things from start to finish through guided instruction.

  • Approximate Length - 30 to 60 minutes+ (depending on what you plan)

  • Suggested Cost Range - $50 to $90+ (again, depending on the complexity of your offering)




Many businesses host a variety of scheduled events. These are also a great way to showcase your amazing business in new and exciting ways. Tastely provides the ability to host and promote events within your establishment. Some examples include live music nights, comedians, board game tournaments, pairing dinners, movies, Oscar showings, and so much more. Whether you are already activating events like this, or have always wanted to, Tastely is here to help.

  • Approximate Length - Varied

  • Suggested Cost Range - Would depend on whether price was solely for entrance or included food / beverage or other add-ons.


Please note, the suggested cost and times are just that - suggestions. You know your business better than anyone - so please decide what works best for you.

For information about ‘How to host a great Tastley Experience’, click here.

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