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The Tastely Payment Structure for Businesses


For business, Tastely costs $20/month to be on the platform. In addition to that there is a $1.50 charge per booking per person (See math below) and a nominal processing fee from Stripe (1%). For Tastely, the monthly fee keeps the lights on but we are only successful if we drive people to your location. We want our success metrics to be aligned with yours.


Guests only pay for the price you set for the Experience. Please remember there is a $1.50 Tastely booking fee per person - please build this into your price so you can offer an all-in price.

Revenue to the business:

  • Per booking: Fee for the tasting minus $1.50 Tastely fee & 1% Stripe credit card fee

  • Per payout: booking payouts - $0.30 Stripe transfer fee/month.


For example…

If you created a tasting experience for $50 per person and 4 people booked it, at the end of the month we pay you:

50 X 4 people = $200

- Booking fees (4 X $1.50) $6

- Service fees (1%) $2 + $0.30


Your total payout = $191.70


Additional features and associated marketing costs:

  • Affiliate Fees - We work with local hotels, tourist organizations, & influencers to increase directly booked experiences. In exchange, vendors pay an affiliate fee to these partners.

  • Promo Codes - As an incentive to get new customers to sign up for Tastely experiences, we may offer up to a 10% discount which would be taken off the price vendors set in their profile.

A Few Other Details:

  • Payments are issued to Tastely Members monthly for completed Tastely Experiences.

  • Payments will be transferred to you at the end of each month.

  • Members are responsible for proactively notifying guests of any changes or cancellations.

  • If your guest requests a refund before the day of activity, please direct them to

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