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What is Tastely?

Tastely is a two-sided marketplace connecting business owners with experience seekers. Tastely showcases vendors and attracts customers to the most profitable side of an owner’s business – their premise. By seamlessly connecting guests to immersive shared experiences (tastings, tours, classes, etc.), Tastely frees up businesses to focus on what they do best – providing memorable experiences and increasing customer lifetime value.

For Companies

Tastely was built to not only drive traffic into your business, but also share your story so that each Tastely customer becomes a life-long fan you and all you do. Tastely is committed to helping you promote and grow your business in the following ways:

  • Tastely provides you with the most effective, cost-efficient tour and tasting booking platform to manage all your booking experiences.

  • Tastely gives you the tools to train your staff to host consistent, engaging, memorable experiences that will create brand loyalty.

  • Tastely allows you to access marketing tactics and campaigns you could never employ as a solo company - engaging awareness of your business and driving customers to book experiences.

  • Tastely will drive traffic into your business so you can host incredible, and memorable, experiences that will keep customers searching out your products and sharing your story for years to come.

For customers

For customer (or tasters as we call them), Tastely provides the ability to easily book tours and tastings with confidence, knowing they will be getting the quality of the full Tastely experience. By being part of the Tastely platform, your business will access a whole new, untapped client base. Tastely can be part of a great date night, a fun group experience, a way to explore a new city, or the chance to tell better stories.

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